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The Force of Doubt - is available now in Print and Ebook Version
The Force of Doubt
A Letter From The Director

A Letter From The Director

I believe deeply in each person’s capacity to grow and evolve. And I have committed myself to helping this process. Let me tell you about my life’s work, Pacific Lighthouse Reiki inc.

It’s taken some time to evolve this idea and bring it into the world, mainly I think because there are a lot of possibilities inherent in the idea of an enlightenment centre. possibilities are endless.

For me Enlightenment is not something that happens once in a brief moment, or something that is separate from day to day life. In my world, Enlightenment is something to be experienced in our daily existence, when we wash the dishes, when we go to work and what we choose to do for a living, within our families and our community.

It is not something intangible and difficult to achieve. It is a process of moving towards who we want to be, and creating a life for ourselves that shines out and says “HERE! This is who I am!”

For that very reason, Pacific Lighthouse Reiki incorporates spirituality with the mundane, offers workshops in communication and self-expression and provides tools for people to grow in their own way. For the same reason, we are a business and not a non-profit organization. Enlightenment is a part of life, and money and life do not have to be mutually exclusive.

I think it is very ok to ask to be paid for doing something well, and to ask for something you want and receive it. Pacific Lighthouse Reiki members have different beliefs and belong to different religious groups. The thing that holds us together is our model for growth, and our code of ethics and business structure.

It is very important for me that you, as a client or member or volunteer are able to have full freedom of choice and that you are empowered to make your own decisions.

I know that this might seem like a scary thought- or perhaps you’re wondering how I can help you without telling you what to do. Well, simply put, you’re driving the car that leads you to where you want to go. I’m sitting in the passenger seat, helping you figure out what route to take, and even helping you figure out where you want to go and what to take with you on your journey. You are the person who invests your time and energy into healing and developing your potential. You show up, make decisions about what you want to change and how you want to go about doing that. I listen, assist you to express yourself, and provide the tools, resources and people to help you act on your wishes. I can also help you think in new directions or open up new possibilities, but the choice of what you want to do is always yours.

For me freedom of choice is not just a nice idea. It’s absolutely essential in my life and work. I am ethically opposed to telling others what to do, or manipulating others into choosing to use my services or products. If you feel that something can help you, then please try it. If you’re not sure what to do, or have only a vague idea of how to go about changing, I can help you figure that out, based on what’s in YOUR best interest.

Everything on this website is here because I’ve chosen it. And any products or services I support, or practitioners I promote are here because I believe in them. End of Story. So, when you’re browsing this site and reading about Pacific Lighthouse Reiki and the people here, know that as the director of Pacific Lighthouse Reiki I take a personal interest in every part of my business. If something is amiss or not working- send me a message. If you want to know more about something, or pass on a suggestion- contact me.

This website is here to open a dialogue between you and me. So please e-mail me, call me, ask questions or sign up. If you’re on a budget, let me know. There is always a way to work together, if it’s something that will benefit you and me.

I wish each and every person who reads these words discernment and joy to experience new beginnings, and elaborate on the journeys already underway.


Rayne Ellycrys Benu

Victoria, BC

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