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The Force of Doubt - is available now in Print and Ebook Version
The Force of Doubt
Freedom of Choice: from the Director

Freedom of Choice: from the Director

I think that freedom of choice is one of the greatest things we possess. It is my intention to allow everyone the right to make their own choices so that they can learn from the decisions they make. This includes the right to think things out for yourself, come to your own understanding of what you believe, and choose your own path instead of trying to follow one that’s created for you.

I want to work with you and create a better world, but I am not interested in a dependant relationship, where you have to keep coming to see me forever. I will help you heal, and when you are ready to move out into the world, I will be proud and happy to see you go.

There are no state secrets or hidden agendas at Pacific Lighthouse Reiki. If you have a question, ask it. If you have a concern, express it. I may not always have an answer. But I will listen, and I will try to find it, so that you and I can both learn and grow from the experience. If you take nothing else from what I say here, understand this: I do not have a secret power or formula that will change you if you follow it. I do have a model that I use and principles and ethics, but these are available, and anyone who asks can receive more information about them. I use my profound life experience, my intuition, my extensive training, my heart, mind and soul to guide my work with you. Everyone who comes to me receives a different experience, because each person is a unique creation, requiring his or her own special treatment.

I try to explain what I’m doing before and after I work with anyone, and try to be as transparent in my work as I can. And I would advise anyone who asks to seek more information and approach any practitioner they choose to work with to find out more about what they do before taking a course, class or seminar. If the individual can’t or won’t tell you the specifics of what will happen when you engage in treatment, then I recommend caution. Not all people who offer to help you do so for altruistic reasons, and some programs out there can be downright manipulative. So be careful, and know that as it is in my power, I will not engage any practitioner or service who I think might manipulate or program you in any way that is not for your personal growth, inspiration and liberation.

For me freedom of choice is not just a nice idea. It’s absolutely essential in my life and work. I am ethically opposed to telling others what to do, or manipulating others into choosing to use my services or products. If you feel that something can help you, then please try it. If you’re not sure what to do, or have only a vague idea of how to go about changing, I can help you figure that out, based on what’s in YOUR best interest.

I am a master, but that does not mean I am not a person with personal quirks and issues of my own. And my mastery does not take away from your history or life experience. I don’t sit in a big chair and tell you how to live your life. I expect you to respect yourself and hold your own self in high enough regard to choose your own path. No sheep are ever turned away from Pacific Lighthouse Reiki but you’ll have to learn about being a goat for us to work well together.

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