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The Force of Doubt - is available now in Print and Ebook Version
The Force of Doubt
Our Mission

Our Mission

This site is dedicated to building a community of individuals and resources that facilitate change. It is our intention to preserve individual perspective and experiences, and honour the sacred value of life everywhere. We believe that nature and our personal environment can be sources of profound inspiration and personal power. We value honour and integrity, compassion and empathy.

We are committed to helping individuals create positive transformative change in their lives, businesses and living spaces. We exist now, here. We choose this time and place because it is our belief that by changing the inner self, and our immediate surroundings, we can impact the world as a whole.

Now is a time of change! Here is the place to start! This is our offering for those who feel in their hearts and spirits that there is more “out there”, that their potential is yet untapped, that their world is a pale shadow of what it “can be”.

Pacific Lighthouse Reiki is based on the idea that each person carries a personal light source within him or her. This light source is often dimmed or shadowed by past painful experiences, blocks, and an inability to see clearly. Our purpose is to teach and assist individuals to brighten and clear those filters and blocks that prevent them from projecting their unique light into the world. Our services are geared towards individuals who are struggling or feeling stuck in their lives. Our aim in to encourage aliveness and we provide experiences which promote personal growth and awareness. 

The power of our programs and work comes not from any particular way or religious forms; we encourage each person to embrace themselves as their own personal light. We are simply guides and teachers, who can help clarify and encourage each unique person who comes to us for assistance in their personal journey.

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