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The Force of Doubt - is available now in Print and Ebook Version
The Force of Doubt
Respect and Non-Judgement

Respect and Non-Judgement

Respect and trust are things that can be difficult to give to others. If you’ve been hurt or abused or taken advantage of in the past, trust can be one of the most difficult gifts to give another person.

At Pacific Lighthouse Reiki, respect and trust are two of the things we strive to give in abundance. One of the ways we do this is through policies of non-judgement, and by teaching non-violent communication. Generally we all have judgements, and preferences. But when you come to see a practitioner at Pacific Lighthouse Reiki, know that non-judgment, regardless of what you have done or experienced, is one of the aims we strive for on a daily basis.

Our perspective is that you are here, with us, trying to make a difference, working to grow and learning to let go of past experiences and move past the things you judge yourself for. We will expect you to follow through with any agreements you make with us, and there can be consequences for not following through with a program or not doing homework but these will be laid out for you at the time that any agreements are made, or work assigned to you. And if you are willing to do the work, and committed to change, then we are willing to work with you and committed to helping you with the changes you want to make.

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