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Rayne Ellycrys Benu

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Award winning cinematographer and artist Rayne Ellycrys Benu is a nationally published festival and theatre photographer who teaches people to let their inner light shine.

After a series of adventures owning an interfaith art studio, Rayne was interviewed on national morning radio as one of Vancouver's top psychics. Reborn in Mission BC, and raised by filmmakers, orcas and psychics Rayne has spent several years documenting them in their natural habitats.

Performing and creating art in private and public spaces since childhood, her explorations include performance art, painting demonstrations and public speaking, poetry, and teaching art and meditation.

As a Reiki master in multiple systems, with a practice of meditation and psychology background, Rayne works with individuals of all walks of life.

Rayne Benu has a rich history creating digital and multimedia artworks, corporate design, interactive media and storytelling using code and symbolic languages, abstract/meditative painting, and filmmaking (directing, editing, sound and video).

A painter with a focus on surrealism or automatism, Rayne has developed a process of painting experiences, thoughts and feelings through allowing her hand to move on the canvas to capture an "energy: or experiential imprint, which she then refines and expands.

"It is a process a little like cloud watching. I let my hand move and create an image, ad then work with line, colour and shading to create a final image from my original doodle."

Painting locations have included in concerts and at public talks. Where appropriate, Rayne asks the speaker or artist to doodle on her canvas as well so they are a part of the painting.

She now lives on Vancouver Island, in the place where art, tech and spirit meet, and where she spends her free time filming local celebrities from JPod with her partner Mark, and edits videos to support her kitten overlords Freja and Saga, who hitched a ride from Norway and have decide Vancouver Island is warmer.

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