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The Force of Doubt

About Victoria

With the mildest climate in Canada, gardens bloom year-round in Victoria. The city is tied closely to both land and sea and the rugged natural beauty of the Pacific coast encourages all-season adventures in the great outdoors.

Easily explorable by foot and at your own pace, a visit to Victoria can be as relaxing and rejuvenating as it is educational and exciting. Take advantage of the diverse historical, architectural and multicultural makeup that comes from being the oldest city in the Pacific Northwest.

From Indigenous Peoples history to British colonial and Asian traditions, and the landmarks, culture, cuisine, festivals and vibrant atmosphere that come with them, Victoria, B.C. is one of the world's favourite destinations.

In the 20th Century, Victoria evolved as a city of innovation, tourism and education. The city is home to Canada's western naval base and a major fishing fleet. A thriving information technology sector, with annual revenues exceeding four billion dollars, is now one of the area’s largest industries along with marine, forestry and agricultural research.

With a growing regional population, pleasant climate and scenic setting, Victoria has retained a vital but comfortable quality of life inspired by a relaxed island mindset. The Greater Victoria Region is proud of its rich heritage, historic downtown, beautiful natural island environment, and, of course, its Inner Harbour and scenic seascapes.

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