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The Force of Doubt - is available now in Print and Ebook Version
The Force of Doubt

How Our Sessions Are Integrated

At Pacific Lighthouse Reiki inc, we use various healing practices in synergy -- often within the same session -- so that the collective impact of both therapies used together is greater than the sum effect of each used in isolation.

Our qualified practitioners have spent over a decade practicing these various modalities and find that they are hugely beneficial when working in synergy, rather than in isolation.

Because we believe in integrating our healing modalities, when you book a simple "reiki session", "tarot reading" or even a consultation with us, you will be seeing a healer whose expertise extends far beyond the one service you have booked. Our healers are attentive, compassionate and resourceful -- they will offer you additional healing modalities to the one you have booked as part of your session, and at no extra charge  if you would particularly benefit from one or more another approach. For example, during a Tarot reading, a reader might offer to perform a shamanic practice of a "soul retrieval" -- a kind of meditation where the healer travels through a dream landscape to discover where your soul is "stuck", and frees it. Our healers take especial account of your needs, values, and situation and tailor your session to snugly fit you.

In other words, our healers have expertise in many approaches to wellness up their sleeve, and most times, can pull out just what the doctor ordered, so to speak :)