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The Force of Doubt - is available now in Print and Ebook Version
The Force of Doubt


Do you know that it is believed that since the Babyonians and Jews started using it in the 6th century BCE we’ve never stopped using the 7 day week? Different faiths and cultures start the week on different days, and there is some variation in what the days have been called but we’ve followed the same structure for almost 3000 years.

I’m going to show you in this (9 day) series, why that might be.   

The dimension of time, just like space and matter, has a shape and underlying structure. I’ve spent a lot of time looking at this construction, through the lens of different spiritual frameworks while examining the physical and scientific principles of our universe as we understand them today. 

I will share the fundamental underlying meanings and symbolic relationships that exist behind the meaning of each day.

As we go through this, I’ll leave it up to you to decide how you want to apply this knowledge to your life. No matter your beliefs -- Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, wiccan, new age, atheist, none of the above or a combination of any of the above…

You don’t have to believe in these ideas for them to impact your life.  But to understand the magical frameworks of your life…. Every moment in time….. this gives you the power to choose.

Join me for a special live meditation, and gain a first look at my brand new seven day series. We’ll travel the universe together.