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Member's Responsibilities



Uphold agreements made with Pacific Lighthouse Reiki inc. and other members of the network
  • We expect you to follow through with your commitments and make plans based on you doing what you say you’re going to do. Repeat offenders can be put on probation, which means no fun projects until you clean up your act and potential suspension of your account.
Support causes using social media and other means as requested
If the member acts as a catalyst, they agree to be a public figure and agree to act as a positive role model
Uphold local and federal laws wherever possible:
  • Work with government officials and civil/public servants to accomplish their goals when possible
Be transparent in all dealings with the public
Be a role model for a global community of catalysts
  • Focus on personal development and professional growth, as well as being integral
  • When you sign on you agree to the Pacific Lighthouse Reiki inc.'s ethical code, and write your own code of ethics - members keep these codes and make them publicly available
  • Practicing proactive and positive problem solving and develop non-violent or diplomatic communication skills as fits with your personal belief system and moral code

This process isn’t perfect yet. Feedback will help us help you. Help us make it better.