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The Force of Doubt - is available now in Print and Ebook Version
The Force of Doubt

Our New Membership Program

Tikkun Olam membership is a new service we’re very excited to offer our students, which we’ve designed for maximum benefit of our amazing community.

I have taught my classes as 6-8 week training programs where I’ve met my students once a week, for years. This has been enormously successful as it has allowed my students time to process and to go home and practice each week and then come back to me with questions. It has also made it easier for my students to integrate using Reiki directly into their lives in a day to day practice, so that by the time they graduate from my classes they feel complete and fully ready to practice.

Now I’m taking this one step further, so that students can study and attend Reiju Shares ongoingly, and are welcome to study Reiki in many different ways, all for one yearly membership fee.

When you are ready, and you have finished studying a level, you pay to be initiated, and take your final exam. And Voila! You have graduated. 


As a member, you could study everything required for both level one and level two for the price of one yearly fee, if you were motivated. If you are a Reiki master, you qualify both to get a refresher on all level one, two, and advanced Reiki training, as well as Karuna level one, for the same low cost. 

When you’re ready, there’s a fee for the initiation and certification exam and graduation which covers the cost of a private ceremony, the exam, and certificate.

  • Members pay a yearly fee to gain access to all classes and workshops
    • You can pay yearly, monthly or in instalments, depending on your budget.   You can also pay for individual classes, if you'd just like to test the waters and see if the program is a good fit for you.
  • When you're ready to ascend to the next level:
    • To be initiated: your first initiation is free, and then any further private initiations are a one time fee.
    • To graduate: there’s a fee for the certification exam and graduation which covers the cost of the exam, and certificate.
  • Members can also benefit from referral and affiliate status, and earn Karma towards certification.

 Why is membership awesome-sauce?

Level one initiation is free for members the first time 
  • Once initiated you can be re-initiated at any Reiju Share 

As a member you can take any class currently offered, as long as you have the qualifying certification
  • Example: If you have level 2 you can take level 2 classes/workshops, any Reiki 101 talkbacks or practitioner training

Everyone pays the same price for the year regardless of their level
  • Monthly q & a’s 
  • Reiki shares 
  • Special guest lectures
  • Members can make requests if they are waiting to study a specific program.

Meet others and learn and study at your own pace, and tons of resources to support your Reiki journey

  • A membership card with the Gakkai, in the style of Hawayo Takata’s lineage certificates
  • Templates and handouts for your clients and teaching practice
  • Access to our private online school system, both pre-recorded and live workshops, accessible via browser, and mobile app.
  • The special awesome glow that comes from developing an ongoing practice, and contributing to an amazing community. 

Not included

Physical Books/Training materials
  • digital copies of most books are included)
Additional first time level initiations are $125
  • which is for the Sensi Master’s time, as all initiations are private ceremonies. 

System specific workbooks when required
  • For example Usui/Tibetan Reiki requires you buy workbooks from the ICRT in order to be certified

Members pay $75 fee for their final certificate, and to have their homework/exam reviewed to graduate
  • as long as you complete all the assignments…. you can graduate with all fanfare and enthusiasm

Services available to Members only

(pay as you go):

  • Career counselling and life design

  • Business services (domains, website hosting, graphic design, templates)

  • Publishing and Production Services

  • Product and Course Development Consulting

Our Guarantee:

  • Your membership rate stays the same.
  • If we raise our membership rates in the future, or charge more for different membership levels, we guarantee you will continue to pay the rate you are paying now. 
    • does not apply to BOGO