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The Force of Doubt - is available now in Print and Ebook Version
The Force of Doubt

Our World Vision

Our World Vision


Imagine for a moment that you are experiencing the best day of your life.  What does that feel like?  What does it look like?  What are you doing?  How do you feel?  Who is with you?  What do you look like?  Where are you?  How is your best day different from today?


Our World Vision is to help as many people as possible experience their best day.  We encourage each person to begin to express him or herself, and experience their lives as if it was always their best day. 

We are reaching out through the Internet, friends and families, organizations that assist the underprivileged, businesses and our members and clients.

We promote these ideas by celebrating and encouraging success, wellbeing and joy in our associates and ourselves.  We encourage laughter and play.  We advocate freedom of choice, personal responsibility, individual and collective empowerment. 

Our entire world and worldview is changing due to rapid increases in technology.  Many individuals are not equipped with the necessary tools and resources to effectively and successfully navigate.  Instead of driving the car that leads them to their desired destination, these people end up being driven by external pressures.  Constantly bombarded by choices and new information, with a landscape that seems constantly changing, they are unable to find satisfaction or direction in their life’s journey. 

Rather than focusing on the many possible options “out there”, which can seem overwhelming, in this changing world one thing we can do is focus on who we are, and allow that understanding to guide us in our journey.