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The Force of Doubt - is available now in Print and Ebook Version
The Force of Doubt

Paint the Ocean You Want to See

Come paint with me, Rayne Benu, this Saturday, June 13 at 3:00 PM PDT, and celebrate Oceans Week in Victoria and around the world in a creative and fun way. This is a free workshop on zoom for anyone who would like to attend, and the sign up form is HERE!

You don’t need to have any experience painting. I promise.

There are no wrong answers - this is your imagination and your story.

We’re going to explore with paint, using some fun and creative techniques to look at and learn how to have fun and also cope with the wild world around us.

This style of painting is an easy, creative and fun way to meditate on larger questions, wrestle with fears or sadness, and explore dreams and hopes for the future.

We’re going to paint what we feel about the ocean, and what we hope or wish for the ocean…

Often when people do this kind of painting their subconscious will create stories and you will discover dreams in the paint, even if you’re not trying to paint them. 

During this free workshop we will:

  • explore what we love about the ocean
  • spend a little time talking about our worries
  • learn a bit about ocean pollution and how to safely dispose of your paint water.

We’re going to use our feelings to tell a story and then we’re going to take a moment to define and bring out whatever we’ve painted and bring the ocean to life. 

What the session is going to look like:
3:00 PM
Introduction, opening meditation and setting up your workspace
3:15 PM
About our tools - an exercise with brushes and tools you have at home
3:30 PM
How to paint feelings - a simple way to express what you feel with paint
3:45 PM
Short discussion and meditation about ocean pollution and plastic
4:00 PM
Sad Oceans - how to paint with straws, and what makes you angry or sad about the state of our oceans
4:30 PM
Short discussion and meditation about what we love about the ocean, and what you can do to help
4:45 PM
Oceans full of life - how to paint the ocean you want to see
5:15 PM
Shades of grey - cloud watching, how to add creatures and fine detail to finish your ocean paintings
5:45 PM
Wrap up, share (if you want to) and closing meditation


And, of course, I will teach you a bit about paint theory and you’ll learn a new painting technique. 


If you want to join me on Saturday you’ll need: recommended supplies 

  • some non-toxic acrylic or crafting paints (you’ll need at least red, yellow and blue, but you can use as many colours as you want)
  • a medium or fine-tipped sharpie or black paint pen
  • canvas or watercolour paper (but any kind of paper will do in a pinch)
  • an old rag for cleaning your brushes
  • two medium-sized containers - one with warm water, one with cold water - these should be containers you will never eat from again - containers you are going to recycle later will work perfectly
  • an old plate, or tray for mixing paint (you can use Styrofoam trays in a pinch)
  • make sure that you set up somewhere solid, like a table or if you’re on the floor not on carpet. And put a garbage bag, or old sheet underneath your work so if you spill the area is protected.


As part of my commitment to Ocean’s Week I’m encouraging everyone to use sustainable materials whenever possible, avoid disposable items, and come prepared to safely dispose of your paint water after the workshop (I will teach you how!).

During these stressful times, I’m so pleased that I can offer this mini-workshop. There’s a lot of fear and sadness and anger in the world. 

This is a chance to safely learn how to deal with your own feelings AND to do something uplifting and playful at the same time. 


To participate in this meditative painting workshop, sign up HERE!

Thank you so much for joining me and I can’t wait to connect with you again soon!