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The Force of Doubt - is available now in Print and Ebook Version
The Force of Doubt

Baby Geoglyphs

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Style: Cobbling stone

Geoglyphs:  Whatever you see is what they are… Images inside images. Lines shaped by the contours of the stone. And each of these baby geoglyphs had a spark behind it. Some stories from the sparks… In the words of the great Bob Dylan everybody must get stones… 

This is a one of a kind hand-painted rock by Rayne Benu, part of a limited edition Baby Geoglyphs collection. Description by Mark Leiren-Young

Cobbling Stone Have faith. This rock’s for you! (Size H 0.4in x W 1.3in x L 1.6in)

Grown Alone A divine vine in a sea of green to inspire growth. (Size H 0.4in x W 1.2in x L 1.6in)

The Amazing The amazing pink maze leads to the centre of your POWER! (Size H 0.5in x W 1.6in x L 1.6in)