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The Force of Doubt - is available now in Print and Ebook Version
The Force of Doubt

Reiki for Today

Just for today I will not be alone


Spiritual Growth on Tap

Private practice, with community support.  Guides for daily practice and support as you grow in your Reiki journey.


Open to Everyone

Members are welcome from all walks of life and belief systems.  All Reiki practices are welcome.  Atheists, doubters and scientists with genuine inquiry are invited to participate.


Ask, and answer

You have questions.   We have answers.   Regular question and answer sessions for practitioners or all levels.  

Baby Geoglyphs
Baby Geoglyphs
Baby Geoglyphs
Baby Geoglyphs
Baby Geoglyphs
Baby Geoglyphs

Baby Geoglyphs


Geoglyphs:  Whatever you see is what they are… Images inside images. Lines shaped by the contours of the stone. And each of these baby geoglyphs had a spark behind it. Some stories from the sparks… In the words of the great Bob Dylan everybody must get stones… 

This is a one of a kind hand-painted rock by Rayne Benu, part of a limited edition Baby Geoglyphs collection. Description by Mark Leiren-Young

Cobbling Stone Have faith. This rock’s for you! (Size H 0.4in x W 1.3in x L 1.6in)

Grown Alone A divine vine in a sea of green to inspire growth. (Size H 0.4in x W 1.2in x L 1.6in)

The Amazing The amazing pink maze leads to the centre of your POWER! (Size H 0.5in x W 1.6in x L 1.6in)

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all the benefits of online training, with real people

Membership Benefits

  • Study from anywhere
  • Templates for your clients &    
  • Private initiations and live
  • Special guest lectures
  • Expanding curriculum
  •   Membership card
  • Reiki and Reiju shares
  • Everyone pays the same price,
           regardless of level
  • Publishing and business services

Reimagining Reiki

Declaration of Mikao Usui

Since ancient times, when someone finds an original secret law, they usually keep it for themselves or teach it only to their descendants.

 This secret is then used as the security of living for one’s descendants. The secret is never allowed to be passed on to outsiders.

But, this is an inherited habit of the past century.  In times such as these, happiness is based upon cooperation of humankind, and the longing for the progress of society.

That is why I will never allow anyone to own it at all.

Our Reiki Ryoho is an absolutely original finding, and it is not comparable to any other path in the world. Therefore, I want to make this method available to the public for the welfare of mankind.

Anyone has the potential to be showered on by the divine, resulting in the oneness of body and soul.

People in society at large will be able to receive the blessings of the divine.  In the first place, our Reiki Ryoho is an original therapy based upon the spiritual power of the universe.

Through it, the human being is first made healthy, then peace of mind and the joy of living are increased.

Nowadays, we need improvement and reconstruction in our lives, to be able to save our fellow men from disease and a suffering mind. That is why I dare to teach this method openly and to the public.

井 甕男


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