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The Force of Doubt

Certifiable Famous Canadian Kit

Original price $11.99 - Original price $11.99
Original price
$11.99 - $11.99
Current price $11.99

Dear Famous Canadian,

Are you tired of not being recognized in person?   Of missing out on all of the perks of being American Famous (like the Rich part).    We at Canada Fan hear you!  We are here to help!     

Now for the low low price of only $11.99 (plus shipping and handling), we will send you your very own proof of Canadian Fame.  Only famous Canadians may apply.

The best part, get your very own name tag and certificate so that next time you’re out in public and no one knows who you are you can point to your amazing proof of Canadian fame, and say “yes, yes I am a famous Canadian damn it, let me go ahead of you at Starbucks!”**.

Finally get asked to autograph random things and have trouble eating lunch in peace.  Yes Canadian Famous people, we have the kit for you.   


  • Stick-On Name Badges with your name
  • Printed certificate (not framed) to identify you as an authentic
  • Entry in our version of the Manual - Canadian Famous People for Canadians
  • Box of Kraft Dinner OR Mr. Noodles

For purchase, must provide proof of

  1. Canadian citizenship
  2. Fame.

Proof May include:

  1. National Award in any field
  2. US Late Night Talk Show Appearance
  3. Made fun of by Trump on twitter
  4. Wikipedia Article
  5. Other Proof of Canadian Fame also welcome
  6. Photocopy of valid Canadian ID or other proof of Canadian Identity

Say it loud and proud, once and for all.  You are a genuine Certifiable Famous Canadian

**Note:   Your Canadian Fans do not guarantee any preferential treatment, or free Starbucks, but this may be enough to score your own intern.