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The Force of Doubt - is available now in Print and Ebook Version
The Force of Doubt

Reiki for Today

Just for today I will not be alone

Spiritual Growth on Tap

Private practice, with community support.  Guides for daily practice and support as you grow in your Reiki journey.

Open to Everyone

Members are welcome from all walks of life and belief systems. All Reiki practices are welcome. Atheists, doubters and scientists with genuine inquiry are invited to participate.

Ask, and answer

You have questions. We have answers. Regular question and answer sessions for practitioners or all levels.

Tikkun Olam Yearly Membership (Beta Testing)

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$330.00 - $330.00
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Tikkun Olam membership is a new service we’re very excited to offer our students, which we’ve designed for maximum benefit of our amazing community.

This is a brand new, experimental program that we are really excited to get your feedback on.   We have a special offer right now, for early testers.  

Sign up and bring a friend or family member for free. <woot!>

How it Works: 

Members pay a yearly fee to gain access to all classes and workshops they are qualified to study.  

They gain access to our private online school system, both pre-recorded and live workshops, accessible via browser, and mobile app.

No limitations, other than you must be the appropriate level to access the classes.  (Level one students can take all level one classes, Masters are able to access all level one, level two, art, mastery and Karuna level one classes.

When you are ready, and you have finished studying a level, you pay to be initiated, and take your final exam. And Voila! You have graduated to a new level, because you are amazing. 

When you’re ready to ascend to the next level:

To be initiated: your first initiation is free, and then any further private initiations are a one time fee. (for the Reiki Master's time)

To graduate: there’s a fee for the certification exam and graduation which covers the cost of the exam, and certificate.   

At a master level: apply to teach through our Reiki Dojo, and gain access to special training and programs only available at a Master and/or Sensei level. 


Classes and Events